Rubber floor tiles are made of 100% rubber granulate which is responsible for the comfort and soft texture of the rubber floor.
They are resistant to high and low temperatures, easy to install and long lasting, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Ideal for use at:

  • children's parks
  • партерни уредби
  • children's playgrounds
  • fitnes rooms
  • bussiness buildings
  • kitchen areas
  • children rooms
  • yards
  • pool areas

It has two shapes with one standard dimension (50cm x 50cm) length and width and 2.5cm thickness.
The quality of the tiles is proven by numerous awards, recognitions and certificates ISO 9001-2015 and the award for the innovative product and entrepreneur of the year in 2016.

Shape Mosaics and color palette

Нијанса 01 Нијанса 01
Нијанса 02 Нијанса 01
Нијанса 03 Нијанса 01
Нијанса 04 Нијанса 01

Shape square and color palette

Форма 01 Нијанса 01
Форма 02 Нијанса 01
Форма 03 Нијанса 01

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy to install, they can be folded up like a puzzle and can be glued with a suitable glue.

Their structure is easy to maintain and antibacterial. You can use only a jet of water and the tiles will be clean.

Materials used for production of the tiles are made for long-lasting period and tiles can stand up to the harshest conditions, from weather to wear and tear. Only damage can be made from big mechanical impacts.

They can be placed on all types of surfaces both outside and inside. Best and most practical use is in: playgrounds, parks, yards fitness rooms.